fall colors - black
winter colors - black
spring colors - black
summer colors - black

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anonymous asked: katherine as a vampire or katherine as a human

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that bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves.

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mary jane watson or gwen stacy?

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malia or lydia
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And it makes me think about that quote Jennifer used as start of our first class; ‘Cause when I feel it, it’s like.. I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.’

”So what do you do instead?”

I   l o o k   f o r   m y   f r i e n d s .

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I’m on your side, Scott. I’m always on your side.

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no but imagine stiles and lydia as a couple and they’re trying to solve one of the weirdest beacon hills mysteries yet and getting super frustrated so stiles just goes “maybe we should make out for a sec, y’know…for science” and lydia just shrugs and they have at it with each other and when they’re done one of them has an epiphany and they just high five and get shit done 

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me: *loses 2 followers*
me: maybe i should just delete my blog
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You know about that little white light that they talk about, you see when you die? Well, I didn’t see anything. Just darkness. Everything was dark.

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